EXIN and Adept Technology announce their joint promotion for ISO20000 Speacialist Training Program

Adept Technology has been an Accredited Training provider with EXIN since 2008. This highly valued partner was one of the first training centers in India to provide the ITIL Foundation course. Innovative as ever, Adept Technology is now the first EXIN partner in India to provide the Specialist in ITSM20K training.

The adoption of ISO/IEC 20000 has grown rapidly in the international arena of IT Service Providers and it has become a competitive differentiator for delivery of IT services. The certification program provides an excellent basis for companies to implement and operate ITSM according to the internationally accepted ISO/IEC 20000 standard. It supplements the essence of ITIL® with the quality thinking contained in the ISO approach and adds role-based thinking.

Adept Technology is now making use this trend and has started to offer their ITSM training, including an EXIN exam session. Soon, they expect to hand out the first exam certificates.

Throughout 2016, EXIN and Adept Technology will be hosting webinars together, share their knowledge and will be present at several relevant events.

About ITSM20k :
ISO/IEC 20000 is the first international standard for IT Service Management. IT service management covers the design, delivery, support and improvement of IT related services to support business outcomes. The international standard for ITSM, ISO/IEC 20000:2011, makes it clear what is essential: the need to define and agree service requirements, plan resources to meet business outcomes, support service delivery and provide value for the customer and the service provider.

 EXIN certification for ITSM means that people can put ISO/IEC 20000 into practice. It’s an extremely practical certification program. The ITSM Specialist, which will be offered by Adept Technology strongly focuses on the install, plan, do and check activities of Deming’s cycle (PDCA) and supports the elements of audit and improvement (act) across the service management system.